Beware of Unusually Low Advertised Bankruptcy Fees

If you see advertisements that promise unusually low attorney’s fees, be aware. The advertisements very well might be deceptive. In some cases the attorney might increase the quoted fee once you start the bankruptcy process. For example, the attorney might say the fee will be higher for you because you have more than a threshold number of creditors, or your debt is over a certain amount. He might even charge more if you are married. However, these factors most likely will not make a Chapter 7 bankruptcy more complicated and do not usually justify a higher fee.
We may not be the least expensive Bankruptcy Law Office in the Phoenix area, and with that said….we are not the highest price either. When you hire Zeigler Law Group, you know you will receive the best value for your dollar. We work on a Flat Fee basis. No hidden fees or costs!  Each case is different, some are more difficult than others, we will evaluate your case and give you a fair price.
At Zeigler Law Group we respect our clients and we have your best interest. We tell our clients we are not here to sell you a bankruptcy, we are here to see if a bankruptcy is right for you!