Filing a Bankruptcy without an Attorney

I have been thinking about why people are so afraid to hire an attorney to represent them in their bankruptcy. I know the main reason is because they are short on funds, hence….they are filing a bankruptcy. I watched this video and believe if you are thinking about Bankruptcy, you should too. There are so many rules that need to be followed when filing for a bankruptcy. I encourage you to watch this video made by Retired Bankruptcy Judge Charles Case speaking on the importance of having an attorney to represent your interests during a bankruptcy.  http://www.azb.uscourts.gov/filing-without-attorney
I have seen our clients faces during the Meeting of Creditors watching those who did not have representation. Unrepresented debtors had their personal belongings such as money, vehicles, boats, etc. taken away only because they did not know the rules. The Court also provides walk-in Self Help Centers but remember there is a lot involved. Please watch this video if you are considering bankruptcy and you feel you cannot afford an attorney. Remember though, in the end it may be less expensive to have an attorney than it would if you didn’t. If you would like a consultation, please give us a call at 480-888-6269.
Thank you, Murene Kaufman, Business Manager of Zeigler Law Group