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Bankruptcy is a federal court process designed to help consumers and businesses eliminate their debts or repay them under the protection of the bankruptcy court.

If you are facing serious debt problems, a foreclosure or are being sued, bankruptcy may offer a powerful remedy.  Here are some of the things filing for bankruptcy can do:

Reduce or eliminate credit card debt and other unsecured debts.

Bankruptcy is very good at reducing or completely eliminating credit card debt, outstanding medical bills and civil judgments.  This is precisely the kind of debt that a liquidation bankruptcy (Chapter 7) is designed to reduce or eliminate.  A reorganization bankruptcy (Chapter 13) will allow you to reduce or eliminate unsecured debts as well and you will be allowed an extended period of time to repay your remaining debts.

Eliminate certain kinds of liens.

A lien is a creditor’s right to take some or all of your secured property.  A bankruptcy proceeding may reduce the principal or interest, or both, needed to satisfy the claims of secured creditors.

Stop creditor harassment and related collection activities. 

The filing of a bankruptcy case will stop creditor harassment and collection activity.  If the creditor is about to repossess your car or foreclose on your mortgage – bankruptcy can help.  Contact our office to discuss the facts of your particular situation and whether bankruptcy is the best alternative for you.

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