What should I expect when I file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Zeigler Law Group?

First of all….Attorney Murray Zeigler is with you from the beginning of your case all the way to the end.

Here are the steps when filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy with Zeigler Law Group:
1. Consultation with Murray Zeigler, he will see if bankruptcy is right for you. No Cost Consultation.
2. We will send you an engagement letter with information about bankruptcy and case procedure. The engagement letter will also confirm exactly what the fees, costs and payment arrangements will be. No hidden fees!
3. A mandatory “class” must be taken by everyone before a bankruptcy case can be filed. You will complete the Credit Counseling Class and fill out a questionnaire regarding personal information. A credit report will be ordered to identify all debts. The “class” and questionnaire are conveniently completed online in the privacy of your own home.
4. Murray will take all of the information from the questionnaire and credit report and complete your chapter 7 petition .
5. When the petition is finalized, Murray will meet with you and explain the petition in detail and confirm that the information is complete and correct.
6. Murray will file the petition with the Bankruptcy Court. The Automatic Stay of the collection of all debts is then in effect. Collectors must stop calling and harassing you.
7. You will receive a letter from your Trustee. He/She will ask for additional documentation from you. It is imperative that the documentation be timely sent to your Trustee.
8. Approximately a month after the petition is filed you will attend the mandatory Meeting of Creditors (341 Hearing). Zeigler Law Group will notify you of this date well in advance. You will also receive a notice from the Bankruptcy Court. Murray will represent you during the Meeting of Creditors and will attend the meeting with you.
9. The Debtor Education Class is then completed. This class is also mandatory for everyone who files for bankruptcy. This class is also completed online.
10. Bankruptcy Discharge is entered.
11. The case is administratively closed by the Court.
This represents a very basic Chapter 7 bankruptcy case with no issues or complications. Your case could have other additional issues that need to be taken care of such as reaffirmation agreements, curing of past due payments on secured debts or liquidation of non-exempt assets. Murray will be able to foresee most of those events and discuss them with you even before the case is filed. You will not have to pay any additional fees to take care of those issues! If there are no complications or other issues in your case, it could be completed in as little as 4 months. Other factors could extend this time frame considerably. However, Murray will continue to represent you and your interests fully until the case is closed.
Give us a call if you would like a consultation….we are here to educate and help you.  480-888-6269